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Mienyu Catering

Tıkıntı Gıda is operating in many fields at local and internetional scale. Mains fields of activity include indusrial catering, boutique catering and restaurant and cafeteria business.

We believe that sustanied service quality originates from sound information flow and a good team work. Each staff is assigned to a particular department and they are provided with training on many subjects, ranging forum customer relations management to hygiene standarts, total qualitymanagement and food safety at predetermined days of the week. Each staff is experienced in a particular field and high-quality service is inevitable when expertise is combined with quality products and good time management.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be a food and service company, which is recognized as a role model due to safe management system, manufacturing practices and technology, full fills and extends all requirements of clients and expectatins of the society and is preferred since service quality is continuoısly improved.
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